Painting #25 – February Challenge

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny. Only joking! Here’s painting #25 in my February Challenge. This painting took 3 hours (UPDATE: This painting has now sold). Whilst i was working on this piece, I made the decision to keep the last remaining paintings in this challenge under wraps, because…..


This is happening and I’m so excited about it!


All the paintings will be for sale along with some limited edition prints. I can’t wait!


Painting #15 – February Challenge

This was another very strange one to work out! It started out as something completely different. It took a while for me to work out where to take it but I’ve ended up here, with a bit of classic surrealism. I’ve called it ‘Door Portrait’. The paint was getting a bit muddy at this point so i had to stop. I did toy around with the idea of placing a tiny figure on the top of the tongue, just in the doorway. This one took 5 hours.


Soundtrack for this evening was kt Tunstall and Kathryn Williams.

Half Way through – February Challenge


I’m just about half way through my February painting challenge now. It’s really great to see a new body of work building up in such a short space of time. Even though the paintings are random ideas without one particular theme running through them, they seem to sit nicely together when laid out together. People have been asking if i am going to exhibit the work, which has inspired me to look into putting on a show. February – 29 paintings in 29 days. Could be a goer 🙂

Painting #8 – February Challenge

Painting #8 in my daily painting challenge is called ‘A Room With A View’. I’m trying to be quicker but I start to get frustrated as I naturally want to add more detail and to refine the work so it looks more ‘finished’. This one took four hours to get to this stage but it could do with some more work. More colour and detail on the eye.


Playlist for today was Goldfrapp and a Mighty Boosh audio book.



Daily Painting Project For February. Painting #1


This month I have set myself a new challenge. This is something that I’ve never tried before in my art practice. Every day in February, I’ll be working on a quick 8 x 8 inch oil painting. This is the first painting which i have named ‘Moon Worm’ which was completed in 4 and a half hours. I’ll be using one or two random reference pics each time for inspiration but I wont know what I’m doing at the start of each painting. They will reveal themselves to me as I’m working. No preliminary work, just straight onto a blank canvas with my paint and brush. I’m excited to try something new and see where it takes me. Bring it on!