Out Of The Darkness

oil & egg tempera on linen

I recently came across some photos of old paintings and i totally fell in love with them. At this time i was really focused on merged body parts with a more grotesque feel. I love it! I remember being really focused on this style of work but galleries in the uk didn’t seem to be interested. In fact, i remember one gallery saying they would be happy to show my work, as long as i ‘toned it down a bit’. Too freaky! Honestly, i loved doing more disturbing paintings. They were more directly linked to how i was feeling at the time. Putting these feelings into pictures was amazingly fulfilling.







Commissioned Work

BRUCE – Pencil & ink on PaperBRUCE

It’s been a while since i posted anything, so i thought i would write a little update about what I’ve been getting up to since my February Exhibition. I get asked quite regularly to do portraits. When i was first teaching myself to draw, i would sit and copy photographs to sharpen up my drawing skills. After a while, people took notice and would ask me to do a drawing for them, usually a traditional style portrait of a family member or a pet. At the time, i wasn’t thinking about drawing in a particular style. For me, it was simply ‘drawing practice’. It helped me develop and lay down the building blocks for a bigger vision that i had for my personal work. Over the years though, this type of traditional drawing has given me the opportunity to get paid work while i continue to work on building my own creative vision.

At the moment, I’m working on two commissions which i will write about over the next few weeks. My last commission was ‘Bruce’, a pencil & ink portrait drawing.

Painting #15 – February Challenge

This was another very strange one to work out! It started out as something completely different. It took a while for me to work out where to take it but I’ve ended up here, with a bit of classic surrealism. I’ve called it ‘Door Portrait’. The paint was getting a bit muddy at this point so i had to stop. I did toy around with the idea of placing a tiny figure on the top of the tongue, just in the doorway. This one took 5 hours.


Soundtrack for this evening was kt Tunstall and Kathryn Williams.

Painting #13 – February Challenge

Here is painting #13 in my daily painting challenge. I made a conscious effort to be a little quicker with this one. I attempted to get more movement with the paint by being more ‘sketchy’ in my approach. This one took 3 and a half hours. I haven’t decided on a title for the painting yet. Feel free to make some suggestions 🙂


Soundtrack for this evening was PJ Harvey.

Painting #11 – February Challenge

OK, so i didn’t have a lot of time today so i ended up doing this cheeky little painting which I’ve called ‘Smiley Face’ 🙂 This one took around two hours from start to finish. I tried to make this one look more sweet and innocent by using childlike eyes and a childlike style.


Soundtrack for this evening was Tame Impala, 5678’s and The White Stripes.

Painting #10 – February Challenge

This one took 5 hours to get to this stage. I’ve called it ‘Love Sick’ for now but I also like ‘Valentine’. I was thinking about writing the word ‘sick’ across each heart but I couldn’t decide in the end 🙂




Soundtrack for this evening was The Mighty Boosh audio book.