Here is one of my latest commissioned pieces titled ‘Parklife’.


My friend Kirsty asked me  to create an original painting with a ‘Britpop’ theme for a charity event she is organizing soon. She’s hosting a 90’s & Britpop night at The Booth Hall in Hereford. The painting will be auctioned off on the night along with lots of other cool britpop goodies. All profits for the evening go to St Michael’s Hospice.

I didn’t want to do the obvious thing for this brief, for example, a painting of a mod target with a guitar in the middle, or a portrait of Liam Gallagher. No! Instead, i decided to take inspiration from a britpop classic. Plus, I’ve never painted a pigeon before and thought it was rather fun coupled up with the opening lyrics to Parklife. This painting was completed quickly in 4 and a half hours.

I really like the idea of illustrating song lyrics! This has given me a cool idea for another possible, themed exhibition. Yay.

Check out the link for more info on Kirsty’s event.

Britpop & 90’s night at The Booth Hall on the 3rd June


Painting #18 – February Challenge

I see a rainbow! This one is quite a simple effort for today. The white background is actually the white of the canvas which seems to work quite well. It took 2 and a half hours to paint.


Soundtrack for this evening was Goldfrapp .

Painting #13 – February Challenge

Here is painting #13 in my daily painting challenge. I made a conscious effort to be a little quicker with this one. I attempted to get more movement with the paint by being more ‘sketchy’ in my approach. This one took 3 and a half hours. I haven’t decided on a title for the painting yet. Feel free to make some suggestions 🙂


Soundtrack for this evening was PJ Harvey.

Painting #9 – February Challenge

Another quicker effort here. I got to this stage in 3 and a half hours. This one would look lovely with lots of rendering! I might be naughty and do a bit more on this later. I called this one ‘Fish Face. UPDATE: This painting is now sold.


Soundtrack for today was Eels. I LOVE Eels!

Painting #5 – February Challenge

A more simple effort this time, largely due to the fact that I’m not feeling too great today and my concentration is poor. I do however like this idea. I have named this painting ‘Hound of Love’. This would be a good one to explore in detail and on a larger scale. This one took 3 hours. UPDATE. This painting is now sold.


Playlist for this evening was a Terry Pratchett audio book, ‘Guards Guards’.