Commissioned Work – Pilchard

Pilchard – coloured pencil on paper

I completed another commissioned drawing today. This cat looks like a total badasss to me. The Godfather of cats! The Big Cheese. Mr Cat.


I’m really pleased with how this drawing has turned out and it was very nice to get my coloured pencils out again. It was hugely satisfying to use my new pencil sharpener too (thanks Mom). Those pencils were super sharp! I’m trying not to be too fussy with my work at the moment, which is the concept i embraced during my February painting project. I can really see how this will benefit my work in future. I’m working towards a realistic feel but one that isn’t too flat and lifeless. I want to see a bit of movement in the medium. I’m looking forward to embracing this idea more in my original work. Yay.


Painting #3 – February Challenge

Today’s image was a cat. Now, I have painted cats quite a few times, eek, So this one wasn’t too difficult to paint quickly. I have nicknamed this one ‘Trippy Kitty’ for now.


I was working during the evening so i used a daylight lamp for extra light while i was painting. Here’s what it looked like in the early stages. I’ve been using yellow paint to place rough lines on the blank canvas as yellow is easier to paint over. I picked that little tip up from watching an interview with the photorealist artist, Sarah Graham. The woman has some serious skills!


This piece took 3 and a half hours in total. Playlist for this evening was Queens Of The Stone Age. Sexy! UPDATE: This painting is now sold.