Thinking About Art

So, I’m officially living in Bristol now. Yesterday, i managed to secure myself a new studio space at Freestone Studios which has a spacious, industrial feel to it. I can’t wait to get painting again as i am missing it terribly. Freestone Studio has a lot more space than my previous studio, so I’m looking forward to working on some bigger canvases this year.

I have been working on more embroidery while i have been studio hunting.

This is an extension of my original ‘Roses are Dead’ idea. It started out as a line drawing which i transferred onto my material. This piece will eventually end up on another customized jacket. I’m sourcing vintage and secondhand items to customize for these embroidered pieces…

Before moving to Bristol, it felt like being in limbo, mainly due to my personal circumstances, moving house and feeling tired mentally and physically all the time.  While that all sounds very negative and moany, it has diverted my attention to other things. It’s made me think about art again… I mean really think about art. And not to just think about art, but to also think about what it means to me.

I guess the word ‘art’ means different things to different people. For me, and the medium of painting especially, has a sacred place in my heart. Painting from an introspective perspective. A place of truth and honestly. It’s sacred to me because at various points, i honestly feel it’s saved my life. One day, i’ll write a blog about that.

Here and now though, certain feelings come full circle and whatever happens to me, it’s impossible to shake the feeling. This is what i was meant to do.

My name is Ria and I’m an artist.







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