Out Of The Darkness

oil & egg tempera on linen

I recently came across some photos of old paintings and i totally fell in love with them. At this time i was really focused on merged body parts with a more grotesque feel. I love it! I remember being really focused on this style of work but galleries in the uk didn’t seem to be interested. In fact, i remember one gallery saying they would be happy to show my work, as long as i ‘toned it down a bit’. Too freaky! Honestly, i loved doing more disturbing paintings. They were more directly linked to how i was feeling at the time. Putting these feelings into pictures was amazingly fulfilling.








  1. Hi Ria ! Great to see one of your weirder paintings. We bought another house and have an opportunity to put some of your work up. Peter Pan has been waiting for a new home for ages. Hope all’s well at home and with music as well as art. Happy Christmas and all the best in ’18 !


    1. Hey P! Thank you, I do love the weirder work. That’s wonderful news about your new house. You’ll have to send me some photos of your gallery. I’m good thanks although I no longer have my Mr H. I miss him! Have a lovely Christmas and a great 2018.


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