Painting #25 – February Challenge

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny. Only joking! Here’s painting #25 in my February Challenge. This painting took 3 hours (UPDATE: This painting has now sold). Whilst i was working on this piece, I made the decision to keep the last remaining paintings in this challenge under wraps, because…..


This is happening and I’m so excited about it!


All the paintings will be for sale along with some limited edition prints. I can’t wait!


Painting #24 – February Challenge

Another simple idea came out this evening 🙂 3 and a half hours. UPDATE: This painting is now sold.


Soundtrack for this evening was Kate Bush, Before The Dawn.

Painting #23 – February Challenge

It felt like i was lacking in, one of my five a day. This little poisoned apple took 3 and a half hours. I don’t think I’ve ever painted fruit before! Weird. I’m actually really fond of this one 🙂


Soundtrack for this evening was more Muchuu and some Cherryshoes.

Painting #19 – February Challenge

This painting was Inspired by tonight’s soundtrack and song lyrics by the wonderful Raymond Weatherill AKA ‘Dirty Ray’ ( i hope you don’t mind Ray x x ) This one took 3 and a half hours. Ray’s Original lyrics are:

Put all your sins in a basket, far too heavy to hold, find the beauty in your sadness, when you’re alone. Taken from the  song ‘Old Man In Young Mans Shoes’.


Dirty Ray – Big World For A Little Man.

Painting #16 – February Challenge

This one was quite an easy one to do. Whenever i think something will be harder and take longer, it usually ends up being the opposite. This one took 3 and a half hours. I haven’t decided on a title yet. Any suggestions?


Soundtrack for this evening was Terry Pratchett’s Feet Of Clay on audio book.