Thinking About Art

So, I’m officially living in Bristol now. Yesterday, i managed to secure myself a new studio space at Freestone Studios which has a spacious, industrial feel to it. I can’t wait to get painting again as i am missing it terribly. Freestone Studio has a lot more space than my previous studio, so I’m looking forward to working on some bigger canvases this year.

I have been working on more embroidery while i have been studio hunting.

This is an extension of my original ‘Roses are Dead’ idea. It started out as a line drawing which i transferred onto my material. This piece will eventually end up on another customized jacket. I’m sourcing vintage and secondhand items to customize for these embroidered pieces…

Before moving to Bristol, it felt like being in limbo, mainly due to my personal circumstances, moving house and feeling tired mentally and physically all the time.  While that all sounds very negative and moany, it has diverted my attention to other things. It’s made me think about art again… I mean really think about art. And not to just think about art, but to also think about what it means to me.

I guess the word ‘art’ means different things to different people. For me, and the medium of painting especially, has a sacred place in my heart. Painting from an introspective perspective. A place of truth and honestly. It’s sacred to me because at various points, i honestly feel it’s saved my life. One day, i’ll write a blog about that.

Here and now though, certain feelings come full circle and whatever happens to me, it’s impossible to shake the feeling. This is what i was meant to do.

My name is Ria and I’m an artist.







New Plans – New Skills

I’m leaving Hereford! The time has come to seek new opportunities away from the shire… A much needed change I feel! My studio is all packed up and all my art materials are tucked away in boxes ready for moving. While my studio activities have been put on hold, I have been doing something new.

I initially started a embroidery project with the intention of using it for some merchandise for my band, but I got a bit carried away with other ideas. Here is my customized ‘Roses Are Dead’ jacket. I have also started another jacket which is going end up looking like a surreal landscape.

This eye will form part of the top ‘sky’ panel. I’m interested to see what this jacket will look like when it’s finished as this is something different for me.

I will keep you all posted 🙂

Bristol, here I come!

My Body Is My Queen


My Body Is My Queen (work in progress) – oil on canvas.

She speaks when I don’t listen

She sees me when I’m lost

She’s not always forgiving

Because she pays the cost

I only know I love her

Cause she’s my only one

I’m sorry for the damage

That cannot be undone

She tells me everything

That I need to know

If I don’t listen good

In sickness it will show

There’s nothing in between

My body never lies to me

My body is my queen

My ruler, my guide, everything

My body is my queen

My everything.

Ria ©

Happy New Year!

IMG_20171231_132233Wishing you all a very happy 2018! Thank you to everyone who has followed my work in 2017. Your support and interaction has been wonderful. Lets hope this year brings more positive possibilities. This year has been an extremely challenging one for me. My everyday life seems to be woven with frustrating obstacles that get in the way of my creative life. Art, music and storytelling is always a sanctuary of inspiration and comfort and I love the connections it creates with people who are attuned to it. The more I can incorporate these into my everyday existence, the more I become closer to the person I wish to be. Hopefully one day, my art life and everyday life will feel more like one thing, rather than the one fighting the other.

Above everything else, having a positive connection to the people and the world around me is so important.

What I hope to achieve in 2018:

Work hard

Be healthy

Be art

Be music

Be kind

I hope you all find happiness and inspiration in 2018!


Out Of The Darkness

oil & egg tempera on linen

I recently came across some photos of old paintings and i totally fell in love with them. At this time i was really focused on merged body parts with a more grotesque feel. I love it! I remember being really focused on this style of work but galleries in the uk didn’t seem to be interested. In fact, i remember one gallery saying they would be happy to show my work, as long as i ‘toned it down a bit’. Too freaky! Honestly, i loved doing more disturbing paintings. They were more directly linked to how i was feeling at the time. Putting these feelings into pictures was amazingly fulfilling.






RAINBOW EYE – new painting

It’s great to be back painting again! I’m starting to feel like a normal human being again after quitting my job! Well, almost normal. Here’s ‘Rainbow Eye’


This is an oil on canvas painting measuring 8×8 inches.


Which also looks totally amazing through my bf’s psychedelic, kaleidoscope filter

rainbow eye ball

This painting is now available through my Etsy Shop





So, these are all my freebie mash-ups. I’m currently giving ‘Fly’ away via my facebook page.

freebies 2

‘Sing’ was left at a location in Hereford on Friday and it was pretty much picked up straight away. Cool!



I’m planning on leaving a mash-up print at Down On The Farm Festival  next weekend where my band January Girl are playing. Please…don’t rain!!!

What have i been doing? – I QUIT MY JOB!

I’m not going to lie here. I hate my job. My brain hates it. My brain had started to turn against me by pulling it’s shutters down, turning up the white noise and setting itself to a soupy simmer. I tried to gain control over this disorientating, mushy feeling by being very stubborn and ignoring it. It didn’t work…

I don’t have another job lined up (cue ominous chords). I just have this feeling that i needed to change something and to reconnect fully to my art and my creative process.




Life saving





Here is one of my latest commissioned pieces titled ‘Parklife’.


My friend Kirsty asked me  to create an original painting with a ‘Britpop’ theme for a charity event she is organizing soon. She’s hosting a 90’s & Britpop night at The Booth Hall in Hereford. The painting will be auctioned off on the night along with lots of other cool britpop goodies. All profits for the evening go to St Michael’s Hospice.

I didn’t want to do the obvious thing for this brief, for example, a painting of a mod target with a guitar in the middle, or a portrait of Liam Gallagher. No! Instead, i decided to take inspiration from a britpop classic. Plus, I’ve never painted a pigeon before and thought it was rather fun coupled up with the opening lyrics to Parklife. This painting was completed quickly in 4 and a half hours.

I really like the idea of illustrating song lyrics! This has given me a cool idea for another possible, themed exhibition. Yay.

Check out the link for more info on Kirsty’s event.

Britpop & 90’s night at The Booth Hall on the 3rd June